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Are you experiencing skin issues?
Tired of feeling you have to wear makeup to cover them up?
Have you been looking FOREVER for someone who understands your skin and how to “Fix it”?Click Here


Have you always had nice skin even though you have no real skincare routine?
Are you now experiencing patchy skin, dark circles and aging or do you realize that you need a skincare routine to KEEP your skin FLAWLESS?

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The Cosmetic Life Saver for Men

I'm sure it's not often that we as African American men acknowledge that we need help with getting our skin right. But I will. Vonetta Cosmentics has been a savior for me.
Her shaving products for men have been the best thing that could have ever happened to my Face.
Thanks Vonetta!!! ECJ.


Mom and Daughter Love U !!!

I have been a customer of Vonettas for over a year. Her pure Mineral Make-up makes my skin look flawless!!! I always recieve compliments and I am often referring people to her care. I say 'care' because Vonetta is truly concerned about her clients. She becomes a friend to your skin and is genuinely concerned about your skin..being and looking beautiful. My daughter and I are now her customers. She remembers you by your first name and is always excited when her customers are happy with favorable results. We love u Vonetta!!!


Changed My Life! Part-1: I have using Ms. Vonetta's skincare and cosmetics for over 3 years now and it changed my life. Seems like I've had acne (the huge cystic kind that hurts) since highschool and nothing worked. Not the dermatologist, not the expensive skin care lines at nordstrom, not the drugstore brand. Nothing worked. Until I found Ms. Vonetta, by the Grace of God, and she gave me about 5 products (cost me $130 initially) with detailed instructions and in one week I was acne free. I'm serious. With continued use of her products and facial peels, my acne has been ``cured`` for the last 3 years.

My skin tone and texture is even and smooth and I'm now working on minor scars on my cheeks. My skin is about 90% flawless and I've never looked back. I could write a book about what awesome products and EFFECTIVE products I've received, not to mention great service and Ms. Vonetta's beautiful personality. I was a difficult client (because I felt I had seen it all and was very skeptical) but her graciousness and good humor convinced to at least TRY her stuff and I'm glad I did. You will be too. Just follow her instructions and you will be amazed.