How I can help your skin...

Can you imagine waking up every day and…Enjoying doing your skincare routine because your skin is getting more and more even toned and smooth?  Watching with excitement as your mid-day oil slick diminishes and eventually goes away and your pores become smaller and smaller in size?   Realizing that the spots on your face that  could have been used to play “dot to dot” are no more?  Feeling that you have been blessed with “A secret Skincare Bible/Playbook for Understanding YOUR skin” where your skin will not only be predictable, but the only times your skin will misbehave is if  you knowingly do not do what your book says?

Guess what…Your skincare issues CAN be fixed…and I am the one to help YOU discover YOUR “Secret skincare Bible/playbook”!  Everyone’s book is a little different…but after over 20 years of listening to thousands of client talk about their skin challenges, educating them on why their skin does what it does, recomending diet/lifestyle changes and giving the right product recommendations  I have lead many clients to the beautiful and predictable skin of their dreams.

As a college student I suffered with acne.  I was referred to a local esthetician who had cleared up acne for a friend of mine.  I remember the magic and joy I experienced when I realized that I had found someone who not only understood my skin and it’s unique  issues, but knew how to fix them.  I was determined to understand skin and be that same saviour for many other people that suffer from the same issues that I had.