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Discolored to Fantastic

Pigment Relief Cleansing Gel and Extreme Suncare Gel are some of the products that we used to achieve brightening perfection

This young lady came to me with the complaint that her face was much darker than her neck. After the client filled out my client questionnaire I was able to assess that she was taking medications that caused her to be sun sensitive. This caused her to darken quite a bit as she was also not wearing any kind of sun protection.

I was able to even her skintone by putting her on a skincare regime for normal skin, adding brighteners and diligent use of sunblock. Her results are quite apparent. They continue to be long term as she now understands how important it is to sear sunblock. I continue keep her on minimal brightening products, as she must continue taking the medicines which caused her to darken. This helps her tone to stay even.