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No worries…I got you covered. After 20 years of refining the best and quickest ways to perfect problem skin, teaching my clients how to maintain normal skin and take it to the “next level” has been a snap!

While many people think that having skin with no problems must be the ultimate dream, I found that is not always the case. For instance, When a new client with perfect skin would come into my spa, my problem skin clients would often ask me “why are they here? They have perfect skin”. Good question, but my response was always the same… people that have lovely complexions often times think that they should do nothing and it will maintain its loveliness. This couldn’t be further from the truth! Granted I didn’t have to fix their skin, I would often find that their skin care routine was extremely lacking, often times consisting of washing their face with warm water (that concept does’nt work…think about it, how do you wash something with water? Would you wash your dishes with water? If so, would you eat off of them?:grin:) and putting Vaseline on afterwards or better still “NOTHING”. I always make sure that my clients understand the value of a basic skincare routine and that desire was no different for my clients with normal skin.

Have you been searching the internet trying to figure out what you need for your skin OR do you despair the thought of going to the department store and having a salesperson try to sell you products for every issue that you do/do not have? We have your solution, you need look no further:)