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Meet Vonetta

I, Miss V (The name my clients lovingly refer to me by) am a graduate of the University of California at Berkeley with a degree in applied mathematics with an application in statistics. After doing my time (which I hated) in corporate America, I decided to go to cosmetology school, get my license and was blessed to

train with the renowned Kathryn Leverette of Solutions Clinic in the San Francisco-Bay Area for 3 years and to this day I continue to educate myself and stay current with the latest beauty/skincare techniques and ingredient technology.

With my knowledge of skincare and love of makeup, Vonetta Cosmetics was born. I’ve spent the last 20 years of my career formulating my own products, a skincare and makeup line formulated to address the concerns and needs of diverse skin tones. I have used my product line to correct and perfect the skin of thousands of grateful clients, and in doing so, my practice has grown from their referrals.